Saturday, 16 August 2008

Breaking Dawn....

Last summer I read the first 3 books in series by Stephanie Meyer (Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse). I loved them and the 4th book in the series was released last week. I bought it yesterday and 700 odd pages later I finished it!!! 24 hours to read it!!! Such a good book. If you like a brill love story that is not so gushy it makes you puke! and you like werewolves and vampires then this is a wicked series of books! Twilight has been made into a film and I believe the release date is later this year (US not sure about UK!!)
Glaring ommission from my list of fav books which I will rectify in a mo!!!

Its not very often I get obsessed by a book in that way but the compulsion to read it was no beads made last night. I think that Harry Potter fans may get it!!! I read loads but 10 mins here and there not hours solid to the exclusion of everything else. I will have to read it again but more slowly but I had to read it to find out what happens to Bella and Edward! excellent read and totally recommended!!!


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