Wednesday, 20 August 2008

New day new mind set!!!

Right...after my whinge yesterday I have had a good word with myself and feel much better today!! I got some beads made last night and have used the Union Jack as inspiration (the strangest things I know!!!) Anyway Red White and Blue were my colours to work with last night, lapis, crimson red and white all from effetre to be exact! I have made a small set with a focal bead and 2 beads that will be silver cored. Shame really I should use gold tube to core them but I have not got any gold so silver will be used instead. These 2 will be called Rebecca (Adlington) and Chris (Hoy) hopefully they will survive the coring process and you can see the results round the weekend when I put them up on the website.

I have just watched Usain Bolt run the 200m and wow what an athlete!

Day 6 of my financial streamlining exercise and I got my credit card bill today!! I paid off the balance on friday and guess what they have added £76 interest cos the bill was paid 5 days after the payment due date even though I made the minimum payment! Once you have a credit card you are well and truly entrenched! Lesson to the wise: don't get a credit card. They are bad news especially if you are a weak soul like me!!! Still, I have cancelled it now and paid off the interest! so clean bill - Hoorah.

Right enough boring you guys for the moment I have a house to clean so must stop procrastinating!


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