Friday, 8 August 2008

well hello again.....

It has been a while!!! I have a blog on my website but thought that as I had an account here I ought to use it more!!! So whats been going on then? Well....I have a new website and it is all mine!!! I have made some sales from it also so things are ticking along! So Aurorabeadz is alive and kicking.
Bead wise things have been very quiet for about 2 months because of the mega marking marathon that is university life in June and July. I am now finally on holiday till beginning of September so I am just beginning to chill! I have managed to get a couple of hours bead time in this week and made part of a collection today! You'll just have to wait though to see what I made!!! I have managed to add a couple of pictures of my beads for your delectation!!! One of them is my new silver core bead. I have just started making these and I love em!!!
Finally I have a friend who is in Bejing for the Olympics, he is a hockey ref! He is keeping a blog and I thought you might like a look see! site is Go take a look!
Edited to add: for those of you who want to know what me and my family look like here is a link to my facebook album!
Hope it works

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