Friday, 22 August 2008

A day to myself...

...and what am I doing? Waiting for the bloomin postman. Some days he has been and gone by half 8 others like today it is gone half 11. Typical I am expecting a parcel so I am hanging around waiting and today of all days when I have virtually unlimited torch time. My eldest daughter is on holiday with her dad, my youngest has been "borrowed" for the day by my sister in law, the OH is at work so I am I tell you and waiting for the blessed postie!!!

Still I have got a fair bit of torch time this week already, bit of a teaser for you up there. The big hole beads at the front will hopefully be cored today (providing my silver tube arrives!) and the others are sets or part sets! The 2 red white and blue large hole beads are the ones I spoke about the other day called Chris (Hoy) and Rebecca (Adlington).

I had loads of dreams last night about beads and have some ideas today that I want to try to do. Nothing to revolutionary in fact probably been done by someone else already but the mere fact that I had an idea is pretty awesome...sometimes I get into my studio and dry up!!! The dotty thing continues, mostly cos I am having fun doing them but also they are really good practice as there is a little bit of skill involved in keeping a steady hand to place them and not burn the glass!

ah ha there is the doorbell....yipee postie has been and I got silver tube so I am off now..


Later....I am so gutted! I have just cored my 7 beads that you can see above and only 4 survived. casualties are to be expected but 3 in one go!!! 2 of the dead ones were my olympic inspired Chris and Rebecca. Gutted! I will make em again later!


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