Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Flower head pins

Right this is it from me tonight I have been slightly prolific!!!! These are my first attempt at Art Clay headpins. The silver stalks are fine silver 1.5mm so quite a hefty size and the ends are flowers. Now I am doing this quite blind I have simply pushed the fine silver into the Art Clay and I am now thinking that the art clay will just come off the fine silver once it is dry! So I made the join wet!!! I have oil paste if this does occur so I can stick the 2 components together after firing, I guess soldering is a last option!!! But my track record with soldering is not that fab ;-)
Savannah starts pre school tomorrow so I get 3 hours on the torch tomorrow afternoon, so much goodness in such a short time I am in a happy place!!!


  1. Blimey they are terrific, I want some!!!

  2. They are looking fab - can't wait to see what they look like fired and polished up. I can think of loads of designs for using them.

  3. I have finished them tonight and I am completely chuffed with em! Just got them out of the tumbler and they have come up a treat! now do I sell them or do I keep them or half and half!!!
    thank you for your kind comments ladies
    Sam xx