Saturday, 31 January 2009

What music does it for you?

It did not take me to long to discover that I enjoy having music to listen to whilst I am making beads. It did take me a little longer to discover WHAT music.

I can't listen to chillout whilst making beads I find it to relaxing and can't concentrate properly but Muse...different matter.

I thought I would give you a wee list of some of the stuff I listen to, on my iPod I have a "songs to torch to" playlist. There are 206 songs currently on this list...Don't worry I am not going to list all 206 but thought I would list some of the artists and any songs I particularly recommend. I stick the earphones in me ears hit shuffle and off I go:
The Beloved
The Cure (All Mixed up album)
Dave Gahan (of Depeche Mode fame)
Depeche Mode (Massive fan!!!)
Def Leppard (Hysteria Album)
Foo Fighters
The Hoosiers
Kaiser Chiefs
Linkin Park
Muse (massive fan)
Nik Kershaw (random I know but I adore his "The Riddle" album Roses is an awesome track)
Pendulum (Propane nightmares - seems strangley appropriate!!!)
Bloc Party (Flux)

So there you have it fairly eclectic but no where near as eclectic as the contents of my iPod, thats another post!!!


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  1. Nice list! We have a lot of those in common. I especially love Linkin Park, Muse, Bjork and Coldplay. I know exactly what you mean too. When I first started torching I realised quite quickly that I had to listen to more 'upbeat' music to get me feeling motivated to create. Now I watch recorded tv shows on my computer instead! I'm currently on the 8th season of CSI, my all-time favourite show :) It's fun to hear what other people do/listen to/watch while they torch! Hope you're having a lovely weekend. Roll on Wednesday! xox