Monday, 19 January 2009

I am OK!

Thank you so much to those of you who read my last post and those of you who replied. I am OK honest just that one particluar thing got methinking. Maybe that is a sign that I am doing OK at the mo! Onwards and upwards definitely. So to show that I am fine onto my news!

New stock has been added to my website. I don't usually do repeat sets but there is a particular design I really love at the mo and I think it will be popular cos I have sold 2 sets already. So for the first time and for an as yet undisclosed limited period of time I am happy to do repeat set! This is my Spring Collection 1 and 5. I am really enjoying playing with dots and with the Rubino Oro glass to get the gorgeous reactions and I think this will be a theme for a while!

Tomorrow I am finally meeting one of my forum friends. Keiara (Wishing Wells Glass) lives about 45 mins away from me and we have been trying to organise a meet for some time but one thing and another kept scuppering our plans but tomorrow is the day and I am well excited! Frit Happens is the first forum I have ever particpated in to the extent that I have and as I have said previously I count many of the peopl I speak to on there as my friends so to meet up in the flesh so to speak is fab! I am sure I will give you a report once I get home. I know Keiara is as excited as me so it will be a fab day!

I am at a conference for my day job on Friday and Saturday so I am likely to be quiet from Thursday till Saturday evening but I will be back.


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  1. Oh I am so glad your ok I am such a worrier and I am very jealous, what a great meet up, you better tell us how it goes, hope you have a great day together. Oh btw. I got my flame-off ticket today for me birthday I am so excited!!!!!