Friday, 30 January 2009

George the first

When I met with Keiara the other day she showed me how she makes her fish and I got one throught the post a couple of days ago, sooooo......I thought I would have a go. Here is George called the first cos that is what he is!!! He was quite hard to photograph with my phone not least cos he is made from clear effetre glass. Note the deliberate mistake......hole goes from side to side and probably looks better top to bottom! But......I have great fun making him and it was not quite a awful as I thought!!!
Thank you Keiara (PS don't worry I think it will be ages before I get anywhere near as good as you!!!) ;-)

I have had a fab response to my headpins so will be putting them up on Folksy later I hope! I will let you know when I have!!!



  1. I think he's absolutely brilliant!! You definitely have the knack. You're welcome and you hush about this 'don't worry' business. I'm not that kind of girl anyway! Can't wait to see your next fish :) xox

  2. He looks pretty cute to me, I'm definitely not as both of you!!! Just having fun trying to make them!! I'm off to me workshop to do some more practice. :))

  3. he is cute, lucky you having someone to show you how they make fish :O)