Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Making friends..

I met Keiara yesterday and we had a complete blast it was so nice to finally meet up and I just realised that you need to see what she makes cos it is bloody stunning! So here it is by keiara her glass is just divine and it was so nice to meet. Imogen was off sick from school so she came with me and she really enjoyed herself as well. I sincerely hope that Keiara and I meet up again soon and maybe try to meet up fairly regularly.

Speaking of Imogen being off sick I hope she won't mind me blogging this but she has stomach pain of no major significance just enough to make her feel a bit grim. Think I know what it might be but whatever she is better today and to be honest she probably could have gone back to school yesterday but I think she was feeling a bit sorry for herself! Bless her!!

I am off up the shed tonight got an order to make before I go to Chester tomorrow till saturday. I have a conference to attend, only as a participant not a contributer (phew!!). Keiara showed me how she encases yesterday so I intend to practise tonight. I think my theoretical technique is fine just the ole PPP (Practice Practice Practice) I think I need to refine my general technique tho as well cos after watching Keiara think I am a bit rushed and need to really slow down and take my time more! The other thing is I used a Creation Station yesterday and really liked it so I think I may treat myself!

Ah well must be off, Savannah needs her bath!



  1. A new inspiration for us and some great ideas. There is an award on our blog for you.

  2. you are a doll, sweetheart :) I had a lovely time and hope to see you again soon! xox