Sunday, 4 January 2009

OMG something wonderful MAY be about to happen

I can't say what, why or anything really because it is all so tenous at the moment but something fantastic MAY be about to happen to me!
How's that for suspense.....



  1. Yes its killing!! I really want to know NOW!!!!!

  2. Oh you tease!! Come on spill the beans!

  3. You can't post something like that and then not explain - I'm dying to know - hope it's something fantastic:)

  4. I am really sorry guys i could tell you but then I would have to kill you and quite frankly all that blood on my hands!!!!
    LOL:-) All will be revealed if it comes off I promise just not to sure how long! if it happens it is something totally awesome for me. Also if it does not happen I don't look a complete prat!! Been there before :-(
    Bide your wee time and all will be revealed!

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  6. lol to the suspense !!!
    Also A Happy new year .
    never visited your blog before and its lovely. If you fancy entering monthly craft competitions etc.. and just general sharing your crafting work come over & join us at , we would love to see you there
    x jayne x

  7. Hi Jayne thank you for your comments aand nudge. I have nat been to see you guys for quite some time and a visit is well past due! I will pop in tomorrow when I have a bit more time and update my stuff!!!
    Happy New Year to you also :-)