Sunday, 25 January 2009

Kreativ Award

I have been going through my posts and found that I have been given an award by Scrapbook Sisters
The deal is I have to nominate 5 others who inspire me! This is quite challenging as so many people inspire me and I admire their work a great deal! After much consideration I have nominated the following:
1) Keiara
2) Emma
3) Coloraddiction
4) Melanie Moertel
5) Art Bead Scene

Like I said there are so many others whose work I admire but these are a few that particularly stick in my mind!
Thank you Scrapbook Sisters and I hope the nominated 5 are ok with being nominated and now you have to nominate 5 others!!!



  1. AWWWWWW, you are the sweetest thing ever!! Am I allowed to nominate you on mine even though you've already been nominated?! You inspire me SO much with your work. You work so hard at your craft and delve into new things that scare me to death (art clay!). You definitely deserve the award and then some! Love, keiara xox

  2. Great award well done you, you deserve it, you work so hard to achieve what you do. E x