Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Wow what a day....

...Savannah is fine after her close shave with the toothpaste. She was quite annoyed this morning when she realised that she did not have any toothpaste left to brush her teeth with so she obviously has not been put off at all ;-).

It has been quite a day on the business front. I have spoken with Beads and Beyond magazine and they are interested in me submitting a tutorial. Bit of a rush job in that I got to get it done by Friday ideally perhaps Monday if I am busy. The lady I spoke to said she liked my Silver Clay work so I am going to submit a very simple pendant, quick simple and easy. It will be good experience for me and hopefully open the door for more complex stuff in future and more stuff using my handmade glass beads.

Then this evening a friend contacted me asking if I would talk to her niece about her doing a presentation on me and my work for an interview she has for an art gallery. OMG but of course. It is so nice that I am finally getting my name out there, I knew it would take some time to get known and I still have a long way to go but Things are definitely looking up at the moment. Maybe I can really think about doing this as a more serious job! (Woah!!! Rein that thought in before you get to carried away girl....) and by serious I mean my main job!!! Can I? is that possible? number crunching coming up I think to see if we could manage it. I seriously doubt it but I gotta have a dream and that is it.

To the girl I spoke to this evening about her interview; good luck I have my fingers crossed that you have as good a start to your new year as I have had to mine so far. I am feeling good and positive and very happy.

That may change a little the marking marathon that periodically interupts my life is about to begin again and my life is about to end for 3 weeks or so :-(


  1. Wow Sam what great things coming your way. Good luck and thanks for the tip on my bead making it into B&B. I had no idea as I havent got a copy yet!! As for the mammoth marking task I will be thinking of you!!! :0)

  2. Oh and I'm so happy Savannah is ok after her toothpaste eating contest!!!

  3. Dont be daft! I'm just sorry yours arent in there too! I will go and get a copy today but I had forgotten it was out this week! Glad you'll be oing in the same issue as me its getting to be a right FH showcase/take over!!