Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Catching up with family

We had a lovely evening yesterday. Tony's brother and his family have come over to England from Switzerland for a touring holiday and they stopped off in Birchington last night overnight so we went out for dinner with them. It has been something like 20 months since we last saw them so it was fab to catch up and Savannah was just so relaxed with them it was lovely.
I hope to have some pictures later to show you. They all looked so well and their 2 boys have shot up. Sounds really naff to say but they have grown so much the speed that children change never ceases to amaze me as a parent.

I have sadly had to miss my Business Link meeting today as I am in absolute agony with my left ear again. This morning I have gone deaf again but the pain is intense. I am hoping though to be able to get up to my studio after I have seen the GP and make some more beads. I have quite a lot to photograph tomorrow and list for sale.

Right best go gotta get Savannah to the childminder and then off to GP

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  1. Hope you feeling better, earache is horrible I used to suffer really badly as a child. Hope the doc helps!! ♥