Friday, 10 July 2009

So my first week as a full time glass artist

...Mmmmm slightly problematic in that I have been unwell. Still I think I am getting better now. Still not up to sitting in my hot little studio and making beads but I have a necklace idea pottering around my head. I have ordered some bits and pieces and hopefully I can work it through today and show you all later.

I did manage to update my website here and my Etsy shop here last night so please pop over there and have a look and see what I have made. I think last week was a simple week, I have really focused on getting good shapes out of my spree press and I am pretty please with how it has gone. I have worked out my own little method for getting the right amount of glass on the mandrel for each size although I have to say the smallest size is the trickiest which seems a little odd in my head but hey I know my head is strange LOL!!!

I will definitely get up my studio over the weekend and production will be full on next week so get ready for Wednesday when I update all the shops again.

Tuesday will be a strange day for me. It is mine and Tony's wedding anniversary (3 years) Apparently these are the gifts associated with 3rd anniversaries:

Traditional 3rd wedding anniversary gifts have a theme of Leather

Contemporary or modern 3rd anniversary gifts have a theme of Crystal or Glass.

The flowers associated with the 3rd anniversary are Fuchsia

The Gemstone list shows Crystal associated with this Wedding Anniversary seems fairly appropriate don't you think! and Fuchsia are one of my fav flowers. But the reason why it will be odd is because that is my leaving do for work. It will seem quite strange having a leaving do. I still don't have any regret and to be honest I am not massively concerned about money yet but Tony is! But having a leaving do will make it all real. But hey it is karaoke and I don't sing but it will be a laff watching some of my colleagues sing!

Sunday we are hoping to go to Brogdale farm to the cherry festival. I love cherries so hopefully I will be able to eat my body weight in cherries, hope the weather stays fine!

Right best be off, got to get Savannah to my childminder and then to tesco for lots of chicken soup.
Have a lovely Friday and a brilliant weekend

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