Saturday, 18 July 2009

What do you like to read in people's blogs?

I am intrigued by the ratings system that I have at the bottom of my blog page. Kinda useful to see how many people are reading my blog. A couple of weeks ago I was up to something like 168 in the ratings now I have slumped to 360 odd and I am curious. Is it because the last couple of my blog posts have not been interesting? Is it simply one of those things? Is everyone on holiday? Do the titles of my blog posts not inspire you to read them?

I am really keen to know what you guys like to read. Obviously this is a blog by me and I use it to showcase my glass work and I realise that my personal stuff has not been to exciting of late what with my depression etc but do you like some info on me or just want me to keep it business like.

I like to include some personal stuff number one because it affects my beading and jewellery work and also with 2 children I have an endless source of anecdotes to share with you.

I am not reading to much into the downturn just curious is all, all the while I can type I will post and if it interests you then I am more than happy to welcome you to my little world.

And on that note I have had very little beading time this week, Thursday was just to darned hot and there were those little thunder bugs crawling everywhere and irritating me which is not good with hot glass in your hand! Thursday evening there was a huge thunderstorm. Yesterday I spent the morning with Savannah at her mini sports day at nursery. This was her last day there as she starts school in September. Yesterday evening I was just to sleepy.

Tonight my fab hubby is taking me out for a meal for our anniversary. I am so looking forward to this we have not been out together for I think almost a year, in fact I think the last time we went out was our anniversary last year! We are going to the resturant where we had our first date and then onto our local pub which has fab local bands playing. Savannah is going to her auntie for the night and Imogen is with her dad so we can roll in as late as we like. It is a bit naughty as we are completely skint but spending a bit of quality time together is so important so what the heck....

Anyway I best be off, don't forget I am interested in your thoughts and thank you for reading my musings.



  1. Hi!
    I like blogs with a picture in it! So the more pictures, the better for me!!
    Best regards, Verena

  2. pictures are good!!!

    My DS starts in Reception as well in September!

  3. I like to see photos of other peoples creations, I also like to read how and what happens that give you ideas for the beads and jewellery

  4. I think that sometimes it has to do with the weather, holiday times...because people don't spend as much time on their computer if it nice weather or if they are away on holidays;

  5. I like to see pictures of what you've been making, trials and finished work, reading different things about what inspires you, anecdotes about the family and what your up to generally. I pop in when I can but its not as often as it used to be, so I just catch up when I'm checking emails that sort of thing.