Friday, 24 July 2009

The expected swine flu post!

So do we have it or do we not! My eldest daughter's father and step mother and sisters are suspected to have it and have all been on or are taking Tamiflu. Imogen had a high temperature last night but seems fine this morning, she has a cough but has had this blessed cough since her chest infection 5 weeks ago so when I checked out her symptoms on the national pandemic flu service it came back as no she does not need antivirals.

Me.....well I have a headache, feel like I have been kicked by a horse I ache all over enough to be on regular paracetamol and to have had 2 nights of disturbed sleep, my glands are up in my throat / neck but no temperature so again I do not need antivirals.

Herein lies the problem. Imogen has potentially been exposed and the incubation period is about right but as of now her symptoms are not suggestive of swine flu if she spikes another temp I guess I will re-evaluate but do I let her go out with her friends, advice seems to suggest it is fine to carry on with normal life. There is such a lot of scaremongering going on in the press. Yes it is a new virus, I am not an expert yes people will get it and be ill and sadly some will die but 30 odd deaths in a country so far where the capitals population is approx 7 million needs to be kept in proportion I think and over 10,000 people (I think) are estimated to have contracted swine flu so far. Normal flu advice and vigilance should be the order of the day. Stay home if you have symptoms, drink plenty, paracetamol for the symptoms. If things get worse then call the GP. No panic, no stress.

So my dilemma is sorted, in the absence of clear symptoms that strongly suggest swine flu life will carry on as normal!


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  1. we had quite a few people sent in last night to collect Tamiflu , the out of hours on call doctors are staying open all night to hand it out when members of the public come in with the number they have been given over the phone. So far a few of us have a few of the symptoms other than temps not quite high enough I'm hoping I don't get it as I am home alone lol DH should hopefully be home next week