Monday, 20 July 2009

FHFteam on Etsy

The fabulous Jolene from Kitzbitz has organised for us peeps on Frit Happens to have our own Frit Happens Etsy team. I profess to not fully understanding what this means yet but I do know that it will be awesome for networking. There is a forum for us the chat on and we are all getting into doing treasuries (that is another post!!!) Anyway I am using my Etsy shop as much as I am using my website which I am sure you have noticed.

So what is Etsy? Etsy is an online market place where you can browse loads of shops selling handmade and artisan goods. Some people have described it as an artisan Ebay. There is no auction facility on Etsy and for those of us in the UK the prices are in $ but there are plenty of online currency converters available to do quick conversion. I use this one here but there are loads of others. It is free to join see here and you only need a Paypal account. BUT.....Please do not be disheartened if you do not want to join or do not have a Paypal account then all you have to do is go to my website here and use my contact form and I can sort out what it is you are after!

Go take a look at Etsy and make sure you have a couple of hours free to do it cos there is tons there to look at!

TTFN and happy browsing.
PS click here to visit my Etsy shop


  1. Love your shop. Love your beads. Trying to convince my daughter to make some earrings and we will buy the beads from you (smile). I really love your beads!

    :o) Have a Happy Monday!

  2. oh I must of missed this completely, i didn't know this was happening

  3. Thank you Redhead Riter. Always got pairs of beads around so just give me a shout. Crafted gems, there is a whole board on it now not to late at all, join in the fun xxxxx Ooh and have a lovely holiday!

  4. Lovely new beadies Sam especially Moody Blues! I still havent been brave enough to open my Etsy shop yet but I do pop into the odd treasury now and again, I'm with you I dont really understand them either!!!!