Saturday, 4 July 2009

One door closes and another opens

I have decided to listen to the "signs" I have been given and am going to focus on making my beads my main job! Big decision but one I am very happy with.

So you will be very happy to hear that this will no longer be a general blog with a heavy emphasis on glass beads but mainly about glass beads. No more maudlin depressing stuff this is a new beginning for me and the chance to really develop my love for the glass beads I make and to develop my skills continually.

I will chat about my inspiration for my work and preview my beads and jewellery here for you to drool over and then every Wednesday I will update my website and my Etsy shop with my glassy delights I have made during the previous week.

I am also going to run a monthly prize draw and will announce the prize for this month on Monday (and show you a picture). All you have to do is favourite my Etsy shop to be in with a chance to win. The link to favourite an Etsy shop is found on the right hand side of the page I think you may have to join but it is free and no obligation. Etsy is an awesome collection of loads of different handmade things and I can guarantee you will spend absolutely ages on there browsing around the amazing stuff on there.

Hope to see you over at Etsy. Come back regularly for more gossip about glass and eye candy for you to drool over.


  1. Good for you!! I really want it to work for you, Good Luck!! ♥