Monday, 27 July 2009

General Monday morning musings!

No pictures yet today I am afraid but I do have a few things I thought I would share with you! I am having to sit indoors today instead of torching waiting for the postie to arrive with my order of Aurae glass (I hope!) I have mixed success with silvered glass. I was appalling with terra I got what can only be described as brown poo from that glass. But I have had more fun with Psyche. The Aurae glass is fairly new from Double Helix and after seeing everyones pictures on Frit Happens I have succumbed and bought some! So I am quite excited about that! Watch this space for pictures!

Other news....I have finally given in and we are going camping for a long weekend in a couple of weeks. My memories of camping as a child are not that fab! Although the holidays themselves were brill they were overshadowed by the fact that they were completely primitive and Frosties with Five Pints powdered milk was gross!!!!! I know things have improved and you can have electric hook up now etc but it still does not massively appeal! Still Tony and I did buy a tent 5 years ago and we have never used it!!! So my friends invited us to come along and in light of everything that has happened this year and my life changing decisions etc we decided a weekend away would be fab! There are 16 of us going, we pitched our tent on Saturday to practise it and it was up in 30 mins which is pretty darn fab! Got a few things to buy still but bizarrely I am looking forward to it! Imogen has camped before so she is cool, Tony loves it and it will be a whole new experience for Savannah so you know what it will be great! Just hope the good ole British weather is good ;O)

Right best be off

PS No swine flu here Phew!!!


  1. where will you be camping, I must admit I couldn't camp lol I need a bed and no bugs, hope you have a great time

  2. Karen no laughing but taking a double inflatable air bed and my own duvet etc none of that sleeping bag shenanigans Only going about hour away! close to home first!!! I will post pictures!

  3. I featured your blue beads on my blog on Monday. Hopefully you will get a few people who will click it and buy some :o)

    Stopping by to give a little blog ♥