Saturday, 11 July 2009

The countdown has begun....


Tony and I went up his shed last night and listed all his big woodworking machines to sell and I have advertised them in our local free ads in 2 weeks time so hopefully over next 2 or 3 weeks we should be able to move them out of the shed. In have planned out where I would like my torching station, my soldering area and my jewellery designing area. And then today I had a thought...I know not to often that happens LOL.

This time last year I was trying to get the local press interested in what I do and the photographer came round and took some poctures and basic details and then nothing.......because I was not having an "event" they were not going to use the pictures to run a piece. So....I am thinking of having an "event". What I am thinking is a "Open Day", people can come along and see my set up, I will demo beads and take bookings for people who want to come along and do some taster sessions in bead making. I also thought it would be an opportunity for some of my beading friends to perhaps come along and catch up as well.

I am actually quite excited about it, there are a few logistical probs such as I live on a main road with extremely limited parking and there are quite a few steps up to my shed so people with mobility problems are likely to find it very difficult. My neighbours have been quite challenging lately complaining that we are noisy and they don't even acknowledge my husband exsists so do I speak to them first or what.

Ah planning but I feel that this would be a very positive move for me and I am very excited.

Beads tonight I hope I am finally feeling well enough to sit for a couple of hours in the studio and I have a couple of ideas!


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