Saturday, 18 July 2009

Live band at the Brit

Tony and I had a fantastic evening. The meal was gorgeous and during the meal we decided to take in a movie sadly we missed most of the showings so decided to go to our local after all. The Britannia pub is not really our local as it is about a 2o minute walk away with several pubs in between but it very often has quality live bands in and last night did not fail to impress. Breed covered lots of Foo Fighters songs a couple of Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Queen, Led Zeppelin and radiohead. They were loud and fab and we left just before midnight with our ears ringing. If you live in Kent UK there is a fab website that you can go to to check out live bands here.

Right best be off have a lovely Sunday


  1. I love live music

    Love your beads

    ☼Hope you're having a sunshine ☼ filled Sunday!☼

  2. Sounds like a fab night out Sam. Have your ears stopped ringing yet? LOL