Sunday, 5 July 2009


So where do I get my inspiration from? I actually find inspiration from loads of places but I am still developing my skills to be able to use them in designs but I seem to definitely have a penchant for symmetrical things. Tony, Savannah and I have been to Tenterden today to have a wander around and we went into Waitrose to buy lunch and the uniforms have these patterns on them.
I really like these 2 designs. Maybe I can use them in some beads of my own although there are a few artists who make designs not entirely dissimilar to these so I need to put a Sam twist on them. I am thinking a lot about a "signature" bead that people can look at and think oh wow that is a bead by Sam and to be honest I am not sure I am quite there yet I am still fiddling with bead designs and using presses etc to concentrate on making one particular design my signature. That said I am thinking dots may figure in them cos I do like dots. I know they are not everyone's idea of a nice bead so it would have to be a design that appeals to all.

I am on a mission now. My intention is to make beads my business. Tony and I have talked long and hard about this all weekend. He has decided to sell all of his woodworking stuff and let me have his shed which is humungous. I will be able to have a torch station, a soldering station, photography corner and a jewellery making station all in one place, releasing tons of clutter from my house. At some point I will be offering tuition again but I need to get a second torch and oxycon before I can do this seriously. I will be treating each day as a work day so making beads on a daily basis. I will hopefully be able to have some evenings and most weekends with my family and obviously be home to collect my youngest from school when she starts school in September and to be at home when my eldest wanders home at the end of the school day.

MY CV now reads, bead designer / artist / maker and jewellery designer.

So if you have any requests for beads or jewellery you know where to come. Come to Aurorabeadz :o)

In the words of someone famous (the exact person eludes me right now but....)
"I am on a journey...."


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  1. Love the fabric design, I can really see you doing some niiiiiccccee things with that!! You are an artisan, Huh!!!! :0))