Sunday, 1 February 2009


Whoo hoo it is snowing. We don't get much significant snowfall in Margate any more, even my Windows Vista weather gadget is confused it says it is sunny but most assuredly it is not!! The picture above was taken about an hour after the snow started and it is still falling. I am quite excited although I am fed up with being cold I adore the snow!!! This looks promising although I don't want it to hang around to long I am off to Keiara's again on Wednesday. Right I have some Art Clay to sand down and fire one of the pieces is the Valentines gift I started a few days ago but had to chuck (not literally) cos it was to thin!! So part 2 of the pendant will be up tonight. I am also having a photography session with my hubby so the flower headpins I made the other day will be up for sale on my website! Very limited quantity at the mo but if they sell well who knows!!!

Later....New stock has been added to my shop!!! Happy shopping xx



  1. yay for snow!! it snowed here too :) you better still be comin' over though ;P xox

  2. Yes we have had snow and now it has started again and is really heavy. It'll be bad in the morning I know it!! Have a good day at Keiara's (sulk, sulk ~ I want to come too!!)Must contact Lorraine and get together she is the only one near me!! Billie will so love the morning sight out the window!!! :0))