Thursday, 5 February 2009

Bloomin bugs....

...Imogen had a couple of days off at the beginning of this week with a cold (!) Guess what.....yup she shared her bugs! Great. I am snotty, achey, tired, headachey etc etc etc. BUT I took the mickey out of her for taking time off school with a cold so I can't be sick! Bless her she did have a temperature and looked a bit grim!

So what's new here then. There are still goodies available in my Bargain Basement so go take a look. I have also added my Valentine pendant called "Be Mine"
This will make a fantastic valentines pressie for all the lady's so show your other halves go on you now you wanna....... I am only going to make 5 of these and 2 have sold already!!! 3 left.

I had a fab day with Keiara yesterday. Not many beads made cos we did so much chatting but we had fun and it is definitely going to become a regular thing (I hope!!!) I have just had a thought, maybe we could use these meets to set ourselves challenges and help each other develop our skills. Mind you Keiara's beads are just TDF and I am not sure what I can teach her ;-)

Final little nugget before I get back to work...I have just booked my stall for The Big Bead Show
Make a date in your diary for 17th October 2009 and I will see you there.

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  1. Wow 17th October, its getting earlier each year. You brave sausage you!!!! Plenty of time to get ready for it, and so many more things you can sell too! I am just loving your PMC work especially your pendants and charms and your new flower headpins. You clever stick you!!!