Sunday, 22 February 2009

Sunday again...

...the weekend goes so fast doesn't it. You blink and it is sunday evening again and I gotta go work tomorrow (boo!!!). Flippin school is doing my nut in this week had a week off and then this week the kids have a half day tuesday and thursday off. Wot the blazes am I supposed to do with Imogen!!! I have not even had notification from the school just a message from Imogen!!!!!

Anyway I had a fab day yesterday at Jolene's for her glassy play day. I think it went well certainly from a visitors perspective it went really well. I demo'd a bead and so did Keiara. Jo demo'd how she makes her twisties and shards. I thought about buying the blowpipe to make my own shards but knowing me I would suck instead of blow and swallow mouthfuls of molten glass (Ouch!!!)

I bought some shards from Jo so will play with them over the next week. I was going up the studio tonight but I still have a headache that is coming and going when it is bad it bloody hurts so I think a quiet evening is in order. Not only that I have 3 early starts and 3 full days teaching this week so I need to pace myself!

I will post pictures of Jo's play day and of my beads with shards later this week but for now I am gonna love you and leave you.
Happy sunday evening and here's to a good week..


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  1. I sorta had people watching me make a heart and I really had a great day too. Super to see you again and meet everyone else. Have a great week. ;0))