Monday, 2 February 2009

Ta dah!

Well here it is at last. I have enjoyed making this. It looks a simple pendant and really I guess it is but I have learned loads. I still don't know why it kept breaking but it is perfectly fine. I have tumbled it for 2 hours and it has a lovely finish and I am just bloody proud of it. I wonder if that is ok ....yes it is I have worked hard on this I only hope others like it as well. It will be available for sale shortly once my hubby has taken a decent picture of it and who knows I may make them order but only a limited number. What do you think?



  1. I think its bloody fantastic, gorgeous ~ knock-out!!! Do you think I LOVE it???

  2. Hi Sam

    Well done for persevering - it was certainly worth it. It's great to read about someone else's journey with ACS. For drilling holes I have a tiny handheld drill and very gradually make a hole. I prefer it when my husband agrees to drill the holes after firing with his electric drill but at the moment I'm too hesistant to use it!
    Kristin :)