Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Today's goodies for your delectation!

The kiln is ramping down as I write this so there is more to come! But here are a few for you to have a jaspers at! The one on the left is exactly the same set of beads as the middle picture but look at the 3rd bead in from each side! I have no idea what colour this is cos it comes from a sample box of Bullseye glass and is unlabelled. It may well be neo-lavender but it is definitely a colourshifting glass. I have mentioned these before but this is the most spectacular response to different light I have seen! The first picture is under the lights for taking pictures. The middle picture is under my halogen room lights! Sadly it was dark when these were taken so I couldn't see what effect sunlight would have!!!

The 3rd picture is of a comission I have been asked to make! The beads are my own and I have used them to embellish a byzantine chain maille bracelet. I hope it is liked!!!

Other news: I have not seen it yet but I am reliably informed that my beads are indeed showcased in this months edition of Beads and Beyond! It comes out tomorrow so it will be Friday before my local WH Smiths has it on the shelves so I gotta wait a bit longer to see em but needless to say I am quite excited!!!


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  1. OOOOO goodie!!! I will have to wait for my WH Smiths to have it too as I still havent sorted out my subscription yet!! Love the beadies and the bracelet is really fab!!!