Monday, 23 February 2009

Macrame necklace

This is my absolute favourite piece of jewellery. Why do I love it? A couple of reasons really. 1) I made it!!! It is macrame a very simple knot but very classy looking. 2) It is a piece that is interchangeable. I have the "Quick switch" posts so I can change my bead hanging from the necklace to match my outfit! I adore choker style beads and as it is black pretty much anything goes with it!

It has been in my mind for some time now to make this avaiable for sale but the "quick switch" system works out fairly expensive as it is sterling silver. I have just found a different system though that may reduce the cost and make this more appealing so I am now planning world domination with macrame chokers!!!!


  1. you know how much I loooooooove that choker, Sam :) and it looks SO gorgeous on your lovely, slender neck!! ;) the bead ain't half bad either.. lol. yay for world domination!! xox

  2. It looks lovely on you me dear!! I cant wear them that tight 'cos I aint got a nice slender neck like you. Its such a great idea these change a bead thingy's!! Domination is imminant!! (excuse spelling!!)