Monday, 2 February 2009

Valentines pendant part 2

All fired ready for finishing. There have been some problems with this, nothing insurmountable and one of the most fab things about Art Clay is that if it breaks it can so easily be repaired! This is the second attempt at this pendant that is haunting my dreams, both of them have broken where the hole is. Now I am not sure why, maybe I was a little heavyhanded although I have learned very quickly how to be gentle with the Art Clay in it's dry unfired form. It may be that this point is particularly weak or something I just have not thought about BUT...I have made the hole I have repaired it, I have fired it and it is intact and fine and ready for tumbling and finishing. I will add the photo of it finished tonight I hope and it will be up in my shop for sale tomorrow or Wednesday. If it comes out the way I envisage it then I will try to make a couple more for Valentines.
With regards to the snow it has all gone, it is raining now with some snow mixed in just to tease me! Imogen has come home from school feeling unwell, bless her she has a cold and has lost her voice, bit of a temp etc. and she can't even go and paly in the snow. I did not bother trying to travel to work today cos the weather was supposed to deteriorate during the day but it just as well I did not go in cos the heating has broken down!! So I am marking essays from home.....again......

Enough procrastinating must get back to work.

TTFN and take care in this weather xx

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  1. Its looking good so far. Still snowing here though!!