Friday, 13 February 2009

Way back when...

Sometime last summer I got into making silver core beads and I approached "Swag" jewellers to see if they would like to sell them. they have had 3 of my beads since October but sadly today they returned them and have said that they are not following up the possibility of selling my beads at this moment. This is a bit sad in that I was really hoping to sell them but possibly a blessing as well as I am not sure I could move into mass production of silver core beads with my "proper" job committments. Still worth a go and does not mean I can't do it in the future. I am still planning to re launch my Belita Bead collection and have a couple of ideas in mind so watch this space!!!


1 comment:

  1. Sorry they dont want to carry on trying to sell them but you are quite the entrepeneur (excuse spelling!!)You are just having loads of great ideas you really are on a roll babe!! PS. Did you see the front cover of B&B yet???