Friday, 6 February 2009

Look what the kiln fairies left me!

Here is a quick photo of what I found in my kiln this morning!!! I have to say big thank you to Keiara for showing me the heart thing and how to make nuggets!!! I am totally loving this shape it is so organic. The green coloured set are going to be etched and are called "Winter seas" They are made from an antique clear base with Beady Sam "Deep Seas" frit melted in. Just what the sea looks like at the moment!!!
The pink set are made from Reicenbach "Pink Lady" and this glass is just stunning. It is a striking glass which means you can get some colour change by letting the bead cool and then flashing it bakc through the flame. I did this on a couple and not on the rest and in the light you can see the difference. There is a purple / violet hue to the unstruck beads! Still a completely stunning colour!

I have to go but I will be back to add links to all those people that I have mentioned shortly, gotta do the school run.



  1. Lovely beads Sam I would just love to know how you do the nugget shaped beads. School run HA! Check my blog out in a while you'll see what I mean!!!

  2. you're welcome, sweetheart :) they look GREAT!! have a wonderful weekend! xox