Thursday, 19 February 2009

Thats the way the cookie crumbles...

...typical I get a day off and I can get on the torch and I make the most pants beads going. I mean I know I am no master but seriously there is a limit and today I reached it. First off I sanded, fired and finished off some Art Clay things that I have made for a commission. I then took Imogen with me up the shed to show her how to make beads cos she has been bugging me for ages. Now we don't always have the best relationship in the world I can be a bit hard on her and a bit impatient, long boring story but I was worried I might not have the patience to teach her but it seemed to go well. Bless her she really struggled with turning the mandrel all the time and co-ordinating winding glass on, she made 4 or 5 beads with major input from me but the last bead she made she shaped herself. I think she will have another go but I also think she was a bit sad not to have made good beads first go!!! She was also quite nervous of the flame and shocky glass so all in all not bad first go.
She decided to go off after making these few beads and left me to my own devices. So there I am with loads of glass and absolutely no ideas!!! God I am crap at this!!!! It is something lots of people go through cos I have been watching one thread in Frit Happens talking about exactly this. It has been quite a while since I felt this despondant so I guess it was due but it has made me really angry. I have been so good for the last 4 weeks, my mood swings have settled and the anger I was having problems with has settled as well so when I have a day like this I get quite upset cos it feels like a setback. I know it is not we all have good and bad days and this is definitely a bad one!!!
Tomorrow is a new day so hopefully it will be a better day! I will have pictures tomorrow as well so something to look forward to for you guys!!!


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  1. Billie wanted to make a bead the other day as well and because she hasnt done it for a while I was getting a bit cross with her too because she wouldnt listen. I think its my age and hers really. So your not the only one its there hormones I think!!!