Sunday, 15 February 2009

Sunday evening

Here I am watching Mission Impossible 3, well it is on the box at any rate. What is there to blog about? Well actually not a lot. I was planning an evening on the torch tonight but I have let my mojo go for a little walk and feel completely disinclined to bead. So I thought I would make some jewellery but again I feel completely disinclined, so I am surfing the web, watching Tom Cruise over the top of my laptop and feeling a bit bleurgh!!!!! I know I should kick myself up the ass and do something but I think maybe today was meant to be a complete veg out day, I am still in my PJ's for crying out loud :-)

Plans for the week: The kids are on half term and guess what my teaching load takes off and I have 3 early starts. Typical the one week I could do with having things a bit calmer and I am up at 6am 3 days on the trot. Still I suppose I should not moan, it is my job after all. Day off this week is Thursday and I was hoping to get loads of torch time in as Savannah is at the childmdinder still but Imogen will be at home with me so that now looks unlikely! And Kirsty was gonna pop over bless her she hasn't made beads since before Christmas.

The play day to Jolene's is still on for Saturday, another early start but I am looking forward to it. Keiara is joining me for the trip there and back and she is apparently baking some cup cakes mmm....scrummy!!!

Right that is enough boring banality for you all to suffer tonight he he he. Normal service will be resumed shortly when I return with more goodies later this week. Ooohhh nearly forgot to tell you I have been commissioned to make my first sets of cufflinks (yes 2 sets!!!) getting the fingerprints this week so I will post piccies of them as I go.

Have a good week guys and I will see you soon!

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  1. Wont hurt to take a nice day off!! I hope to go to Jolene's on saturday she isnt that far from me really so hope to see you there. I'm going to bring Billie too, keep me company on the way and she is dying to meet the baby. Have made lots of beads today (for me anyway) can I send them to you please or are you too busy at work??