Monday, 9 February 2009

Rainy days and mondays...and competition musings!!!

Urgh!!! Rainy days and Mondays sure do get me down! (Carpenters song 1971!!) When I got up this morning the sky was a vivid red and just absolutely beautiful I did manage to get a picture and will post it later but within minutes of getting up it had gone, replaced with black clouds and now the rain is falling. Weather forecast is for heavy rain for the next couple of days! Bleurgh!!!!

I am working from home today got more essays to mark and as you can see I am procrastinating again! I just wish I could do beads and jewellery all day long!

I am having a crazy thought and don't know if I want to share it or not! Mostly because I don't think I am anywhere near good enough BUT you don't know if you don't try! I found a website called
This website is the launchpad for "One year On" which is and "exciting and exclusive oportunity for designers in their first year of business". I am thinking about applying! Am I a designer? Am I anywhere near good enough? Are you all just falling over now laughing at how completely up myself this makes me look! I don 't even have any qualifications in jewellery design or silversmithing or anything remotely jewellery related!! Or are you shouting at me for being so bloody negative? I only have 1 week to make up my mind the closing date is 16th February 2009. Oh blimey do I do it! This is my only window of opportunity as my business is coming up to it's one year anniversary! I just don't know! This may be the thing that I can use to launch me seriously into the business whereas at the moment I just fit this in around my other "proper" committments. I want to be able to spend more time developing ideas I have and to getting "out there" am I anywhere near good enough?

Mmm...have to go and mark essays but I will return to this later!



  1. Go for it Sam , your designs are fab ,yes you are more than good enough.
    We have heavy rain and strong winds along our part of the south Coast the sea is very lively

  2. You have fabulous design ideas, that classes as a designer in my book!! You go for it me love!! You are making beautiful work and YES STOP BEING SO NEGATIVE!! :0)))

  3. Hi Sam,
    Absolutely, definitely do it. You'll regret it if you don't try and hey, if I were at the level you are, I'd be well chuffed.

  4. Thank you guys, I have done it!!!! application going in post tomorrow!!