Friday, 13 February 2009

Happy Valentines Day

I know I am a day early but Happy Valentines day to you all. I want to cheer my blog up a bit after yesterdays terrible events and bring you all some love.
What are your plans for Valentines? Tony and I are having a quiet evening at home not least cos Valentines is so commercial now and resturants charge so much for a meal. We are going to have a lovely meal at home and watch a DVD. No computer, no jewellery, no camera stuff, no woodwork magazines just me and my hubby. Quiet and relaxing. Imogen is with her dad for the weekend so just Savannah at home.

Other news: I am one of the featured artists in this months Beads and Beyond magazine. p46 I believe so I am quite chuffed about that! I have submitted my entry for New Designers "One Year On". Judging is mid to end of March so I guess I will know what happens there come April. I have had a few busy days with Art clay and jewellery orders and I have ordered some Bullseye glass which hopefully will arrive today so I can play tonight or Sunday. I must shout Kirsty again as she has not had any torch time since December and I know she is getting withdrawal symptoms ;-)
And finally I am looking forward to 21st Feb and my play day at Jolene's from Frit Happens. Keiara is coming with me as well so it should be a fab day. I will post pictures.
Right gotta go, work to be done no more procrastinating...



  1. Yesterday sounds horrible - don't put yourself down for watching, it's in our nature to be curious, it's not a bad thing necessarily, it goes together with caring about others as well.

    I wish you a wonderful Valentine's day as well, Sam. My hubby is still away, but we normally write little wacky poems to each other *rolling eyes*

    Love, Jules x

  2. Yes what Julies says, maybe it just seems worse because you kinda know him so you feel more saddened by that as well. Have a lovely day at Jo's ~ I want to come too!! Sad pouty face!!! :0(( Have a lovely Valentine's Day. Mine just isnt very romantic I'm afraid, Ho Hum!!!